Accident Investigation & Reconstruction Service

Do you need to know how a particular accident / collision occurred?

Perhaps you are unsure of who is to blame?

Are there already reports in existence which you would like analysed in order to confirm / challenge the accuracy of the contents?

Are the reports that you already have not detailed enough or lacking vital information

For these and many other important questions that you may need answers to, we are able to help by carrying out an in depth investigation for you.

On receipt of your instructions we will review all of the existing evidence, checking the accuracy of the contents of reports including all calculations.

After this the following activities are desirable in order to conduct a thorough investigation:-

  • A site visit will be conducted
  • A full mechanical examination of all vehicles involved will be carried out
A full technical report will be prepared for you accompanied by photographs, video recordings, and scale plans where necessary. Reports will be written in a manner so as to be easily understood by persons irrespective of their technical knowledge and will be fully compliant with Criminal / Civil procedures rules.
Subsequently we will be available to act as an expert witness in Criminal / Civil / Coroners court proceedings and will act as a single joint expert where required.

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