Vehicle Examination

As part of an investigation into a road traffic accident / collision,

a full mechanical examination would normally be conducted on all of the vehicles involved.

We are fully qualified to do this.

This serves to confirm the accuracy of reports written following vehicle examinations conducted by others, such as police vehicle examiners.


It may be that no mechanical examination has previously been carried out on a particular vehicle.
We will carry this out in order to identify if there are any defects with the vehicle or any of its component parts that may have caused or contributed to the incident.

It may be considered equally important to rule out the possibility of any defects having a bearing on the cause of a particular incident. This can only be confirmed by way of vehicle examination.

Vehicle examinations can also be carried out on behalf of Insurance Companies.
This may be:-
  • To confirm or rule out the presence of any mechanical defects as above.
  • To ascertain whether or not a vehicle has been modified from the specifications as declared at the time of taking out insurance.
  • To ascertain the true identity of a suspected stolen vehicle.
  • To provide assistance where fraudulent / inflated claims are suspected.
Trading standards cases
We can provide a service tailored to meet your needs depending on the circumstances of your investigation. Typically a vehicle will be examined before and after it is submitted to your targeted suspect offender.
A full report will then be prepared for use in any future court proceedings where expert evidence can be given concerning our findings to support your case.
Private Clients / Companies
We are able to provide a vehicle examination service tailored to your individual needs. Please enquire for further details.

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