Site Visit

In order for a true evaluation of the circumstances to be made a visit to the site of the incident is an important part of any investigation.

This will enable the checking of existing and the gathering of further evidence.

For instance visibility studies can then be undertaken.
The state and condition of the road surface, street lighting, and traffic conditions can be checked.

All of this information can be recorded by means of photography, and / or the use of video recordings.

The accuracy of existing scale plans can be checked during such site visits.

In the absence of existing scale plans accurate measurements can be taken and plans prepared for you.

Measurements may be taken by a variety of means. It may just be a case of using tape measures or laser distance measuring devices. However we are also skilled in the use of:-
  • Total Station Theodolite EDM systems.
  • GPS surveying systems,
  • Photogrammetry.

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